Hilariously Honest Comics Showing A Relationship In The First Month Vs A Year Later

When you get into a new relationship you try your level best to present yourself as good as possible. Take for instance girls out there don't even dare to meet their partner without their make up and spent hours getting ready. But when you talk about a long-term relationship this excitement, nervousness just vanishes. In fact, you are downright weird and disgusting sometimes and you can't deny it. 

It's all a sign that you're truly comfortable with the person who's been sharing your space all these years, though. When you are with someone for too long you don't need any more external get up to impress your partner. These pictures perfectly illustrate the difference between your new relationship vs when it is old enough!

#1 You never knew he appetite

#2 She tends to get more comfortable as time passes


#3 You don't have to do something extraordinary to surprise your partner

#4 You don't always get what you expect

#5 And you don't need to do things to impress him

#6 You don't have to pretend to be weak and defenseless anymore


#7 And you can tell what you feel

#8 Shy and nervous? Well, what's that?

#9 They love you with all your weirdness and flaws and you don't need to hide them

#10 You do everything together