Artist Illustrates The Intense Feelings Of Love And Closeness That You Can Feel

It's not every day that we find simple, yet beautiful and simply alluring artworks of people around the world. This time, we'd like to introduce an amazing artist with the name Zipcy on Instagram. She's practically an expert in this area. Her art style is semi-realism and is very meaningful.

Her real name is Yang Se-Eun, a Korean illustrator, with more than 565k followers on Instagram. She had recently finished a series called "Touch" which women and fellow artists will surely fall in love with! Her style is always a little bit sensual and you will notice that it's the same person in each picture.

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Grafolio

Some days I just want to lie and listen to the sound of your heartbeat

The last touch



Although it’s a small gesture, it makes me feel incredibly loved

Why are you looking at me like that? ----- Because I’m happy

You are my sunshine


Its feel me so cozy and lovable

To the most precious Person I've ever known

A romantic night, sharing the small details of the day over

Catching sight of him undressing, I would always patter over to tickle him