20 Self Improvement Tips That Will Make You The Best That You Can Ever Be

Like the eternal quest to shed weight, life improvement features in almost everyone’s new year’s resolution. How do I shrink that burgeoning budget? how you turn your goal into actions steps are among some of the questions that constantly bothers the average mind. It doesn’t matter where you are on the globe or your financial status ranking, self-improvement matter to everyone.

Well, are you someone who’s passionate about self-growth? If you are, then you already know that there is nothing more meaningful that pursuing a life of personal development and betterment. We achieve the most out of life by constantly improving ourselves. This list will give you what you just need to realize exponential growth in your personal life. The good thing about this post is we cut all the unnecessary crap and give you raw, practical facts that you can easily apply in your life, enjoy.


#1 Love yourself

I know you expected something wordy and complicated. Well, sorry to burst your bubble. The first tip is to love yourself. Unfortunately, this simple command is easier said than done. Appreciate yourself every day because others might not. Everyday tell yourself how you are amazingly talented and deserve the best that life has to offer. Do this and in the long run, the words will start to resonate and you’ll start realizing the talents and qualities you process.  It might feel weird at first, but after going through the process day after day, you’ll believe in it.

#2 Exercises

Well, ill cut the crap. Make a point to exercise every day or at least thrice a week. All the working up, lifting weights and sweat makes you feel good at the end of the session. This elevates both your mood and self-confidence. If you go to the gym and don’t feel it, put some more pressure, lift heavier weights with the help of a qualified trainer. By lifting heavier weights, you give your body a greater challenge and it exerts more effort realizing endorphins into your system. This is what makes you feel good after the session.

#3 Eat better

If you are going to work out and use energy, build some muscle; you need to eat better. It doesn’t stop at eating more, eating healthy is also crucial. Cut the consumption of sugary or processed foods and increase your fruit and vegetable ration. It might tough the first week but after you start realizing the results, you might just adopt the new culture with more zeal.

#4 Change your habits

Manners maketh the man. We are all made up of our habits and in that, we tend to follow the same routines every day which makes our life convenient, but dormant; soon laziness creeps in. Try to live a bit, instead of doing the same old thing every Sunday afternoon, you can go play soccer or take a family picnic. By changing our life’s routine, you keep your brain active and experience exponential mental growth.

#5 Set goals

Well, where do you plan to be in the next 5, 10 years? While you are busy reshuffling your life, make a point of setting your goals. Write them down, memorize and let them be a part of you. Oh, and don’t leave it there, pursue them with all zeal. The key to setting goals is starting small and building up to the major ones. Try also to make them manageable by using a shorter time frame so that you don’t give up on any one of them.

#6 Accept failure

Well, the reality of life is, you are going to fail at some point in life, not once or twice; but that shouldn’t put you down. Failure is actually okay, how you handle it however matters. If you stretch beyond your daily routine, it only shows you are growing personally, and failing at some point will show that it’s a normal journey. Embrace failure and learn from it. Fearing it will only make you fear to try new things in line and you might slowly slide back to your old life. As they say, life is all about the journey, not the destination.

#7 Create a mission statement

It's not as far-fetched as you think. You need to know who you are, your values and what you believe in. create a personal statement that defines you and will act to remind you of what values you stand for. don’t injure yourself trying to create a perfect statement, just try out something simple that you will improve on overtime.

#8 Be thankful

When all things are said and done, you need to be thankful for who you are. Happiness comes from within, not everyone understands that. The majority are caught up in the melee of chasing after money and materialistic things in the disguise of happiness. Take some time and think of the positive things in your life. They don’t have to be major; you’ll realize there are countless minor things that contribute much more happiness to your life, cherish that.

#9 Learn a new skill

They say learning never ends. It’s never too late to learn a new skill. New skills improve our self-confidence. When we learn something new, we get excited and tend to want to learn even more things. Take time off and enroll in that craftsmanship course, learn how to surf. Constantly challenge your mind to do new things, it will become a great tool for self-development.

#10 Manage your time well

You might have heard this since you were little. Time is actually the most important resource, and its scarcity makes it even more valuable. Well, how will you find time off your schedule to learn the above skills? Just stop wasting time. Reduce the amount of time you spend lazing in front of the TV. Instead of waking up late, try to sleep early and wake up early. Spend more time with your loved ones than at the bar, this way you will experience a greater happiness than you had ever imagined.