Artist Illustrates Her Happiest Life That Every Couple Wants To Live

YaoYao is a painter, animator, and an art director who's currently working in Los Angeles. She loves pets and that's her motivation to become a vegan. She's worked with on some famous projects such as BoJack Horseman on Netflix, Rick, and Morty on Adult Swim and Future Worm from Disney. Those are some great experiences! As for her personal life, she has a pet dog, which is often featured in her drawings as you can see below. She might even have a special someone as far as we can guess!

Her works feature a girl that most of the time is shown to look similar to her. They often have a romantic, serene feel to them, making anyone enjoy looking at the art for a long time. What's great is that these pictures also represents our daily life. For the people in the relationship, you'll also definitely feel the love from these pictures. The simplest form of action can stir your heart heavily and it's amazing. Okay, enough with words. Let's get going with her artworks!

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#1 "Heard someone could use some soup!"

#2 "Call me when you get there."


#3 Surprise kiss

#4 "...But you'll feel better!"

#5 Just wanna gaze at you

#6 "You play and I'll sing."


#7 "Here, try this!"

#8 "What did I tell you, they're good, right?!"

#9 5...4...3...2...

#10 Dream a little dream